Creation and editing of images and videos.

Every business, including yours, needs interesting content that should be refreshed. New promotional actions, new services, offers, banners, posts, stories, and other related materials require appropriate means to convey the information.

The Show Must Go On!

Webzoom is by your side offering solutions and support with graphic proposals of images and videos to boost the digital image of your business. A picture is worth a thousand words. Our philosophy behind our designs is adapted according to the type of business and the goals we have set. However, the element that remains constant is the high aesthetic and the harmony of colors with our texts.

Creating a corporate identity (Logo, Color Palette, Product Packaging)

Logo design.

They say that the beginning is half of everything, and at Webzoom we focus on your start. If you are considering starting your own business or renewing it, at Webzoom we will take responsibly for the implementation of your corporate identity.

Through discussion and exchanging proposals, we will come up with a design for your logo and a color palette that will characterize your business. In addition, we have the ability to design layouts for product packaging. This way, your business will acquire character and personality even before it starts.


Despite the technological advancements of the last decade that have moved us away from traditional print advertising, we cannot ignore that there is still an audience that prefers traditional methods. At Webzoom, we cover this need of the market by designing layouts for printed posters, advertising flyers, and more. This type of advertising is suitable for local physical stores and promotional campaigns of local interest.

Design of printed advertising material.
Creating a menu with QR Code

Do you have a restaurant, café, tavern, bakery, or something similar? We have what you need to showcase all the variety of your products. With high aesthetics and responsibility, we design the layout of your printed menu.

In addition, you have the opportunity to take the next step in evolution by giving your customers the ability to view your menu electronically through the new QR Code technology, without the need for a website.

By choosing us, you gain:

Professionalism and consistency.

Action plan

Technological proficiency.

High aesthetics

Attractive content